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EPD Lecture Series Talk by Prof Francesca Lacopi - Prof Francesca Lacopi and Prof Budiman went back several years when their career paths kept overlapping each other – first in Silicon Valley, Bay Area (where they worked together for AMD/GlobalFoundries) and now here in Asia Pacific! It is our pleasure to welcome Prof. Lacopi at SUTD and present in this distinguished EPD Lecture Series.
Singapore 3MT Finalist – Sasi performance @ NTU - Sasi Kumar Tippabhotla was one of the finalists representing SUTD for the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition organised by Springer Nature Asia. It was a great showdown between the four universities @ NTU on 4 Aug 2017 evening. Well done for making this far! Check out the highlights To be able to say your four year PhD research in 3 minutes is no easy feat. For the twenty contestants who were at NTU on Friday, they did well in explaining their research and interest their crowd with their speeches. Sasi talked about how he could improve the solar cell performance through the reduction of cell stress and quantify it through high energy x-rays (or synchrotron x-ray diffraction). Well done for making XML group proud by presenting your work to Singapore!
SUTD FIRST Industry Workshop 2017 Best Poster Prize Winner – Congrats Sasi! - Congrats to Sasi Kumar for winning SoilBuild Graduate Research Competition Prize for Best Poster during the SUTD FIRST Industry Workshop 2017! His work was entitled" Process Induced Residual Stress and Role of Encapsulation Polymers in the Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Modules."
ICMAT 2017 poster winners – Congrats Hashina and Sasi! - During the ICMAT 2017 conference, Sasi and Hashina presented their work during the poster session on Wed 21 June 2017. Both of them have done exceptionally well - clinching the MRS-S singapore prize. Congrats to both of you! Sasi won MRS-S Singapore prize for Symposium G: Solar PV (Photovoltaics) Materials, Manufacturing and Reliability Poster ID 170447 Flexible PV (Photovoltaics) - Enabling Integration of Most Powerful Solar Cell into Aesthetic Design for Greener Sasi Kumar TIPPABHOTTLA, Arief Suriadi BUDIMAN, Vincent Adhi HANDARA Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore Hashina won MRS-S Singapore prize for Symposium I: Extreme Mechanics - Mechanical Behaviours of Nanoscale and Emerging Materials Poster ID 170444 Designing Novel Multilayered Nanocomposites for High Performance Coating Materials with Online Strain Monitoring Hashina Parveen ANWAR ALI, Ihor RADCHENKO, Arief BUDIMAN Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore Each of them won a cash prize of S$200 for their efforts. Congrats again!                                        
ICMAT 2017 Invitation - CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - ICMAT 2017 in Singapore (Symposium I: Extreme Mechanics) 18 - 23 June 2017 | Suntec Singapore Dear Colleagues, We welcome you to attend ICMAT 2017 by participating in our symposium. ICMAT2017 will provide an exciting opportunity for productive interactions and networking with leading mechanics and materials researchers around the globe. Symposium I – Extreme Mechanics: Mechanical Behaviors of Nanoscale and Emerging Materials at the ICMAT 2017 focuses on novel cutting-edge, materials-based mechanics research and designing advanced innovative materials with and for extreme applications and/or complexities that potentially have real world impacts in the next generation manufacturing and design (3D/4D printing, biomimetic, 3D multihierarchy microarchitecture, etc.) both globally as well as locally in Singapore/Asia Pacific! Symposium I Committee Arief S. Budiman (SUTD)                                          Chair Shailendra Joshi (NUS)                                             Co-Chair Mark Jhon (IHPC)                                                     Co-Chair Julia Greer (Caltech)                                                Co-Chair Javier Llorca (IMDEA)                                               Co-Chair Leading extreme mechanicians and materials experts from the biggest names in the world – from Stanford and Caltech in the U.S., to IMDEA, Technion and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in EU and KAIST, Chinese Academy of Sciences, The University of Tokyo, The University of Hong Kong Read More
MRS Science as Art 2017 Second Prize – Congrats Ihor! -   Congrats Ihor Radchenko for winning second prize in the MRS Science as Art 2017! You have done SUTD and our XML group proud. Thanks to all who voted for this photograph at the conference! The actual picture presented at MRS science as art 2017 exhibition with its awarded 2nd prize ribbon   Ihor Radchenko (Back row, 2nd from Left) with Prof. Alfonso Ngan and the other prize winners [Photo taken from]
Prof Budiman’s talk in Scientific highlights of MRS Spring meeting 2017 - Prof Budiman presented the work of Biomimetic, Strong yet Tough Composites through 3D Printing by Yinning Zhou, Komal Agarwal  in NM6: Mechanical Behavior of Nanostructured Composites symposium on Tuesday 18 Mar 2017. It received as one of scientific highlights in the MRS Spring Meeting 2017! The talk got very good responses and attracts quite a bit of interests. The MRS community is now looking forward to hearing further exciting findings from us! I think they are excited especially with smaller scale fibers. On with our march to biomimetic, additively manufactured materials design science! Excerpt is at :
New Solar Cell Publication in PIPV – Congrats Sasi! - A new solar cell  publication to Progress In Photovoltaics (PIPV)  has been accepted, entitled "From Cells to laminate: probing and modeling residual stress evolution in thin silicon photovoltaic modules using synchrotron X-ray micro-diffraction experiments and finite element simulations". This paper encompasses almost all the members of XML and XPV groups. Congrats to all! Check it out! From cells to laminate: probing and modeling residual stress evolution in thin silicon photovoltaic modules using synchrotron X-ray micro-diffraction experiments and finite element simulations Authors: Sasi Kumar Tippabhotla, Ihor Radchenko, W.J.R. Song, Gregoria Illya, Vincent Handara, Martin Kunz, Nobumichi Tamura, Andrew A.O. Tay and Arief S. Budiman DOI:   Abstract Fracture of silicon crystalline solar cells has recently been observed in increasing percentages especially in solar photovoltaic (PV) modules involving thinner silicon solar cells (<200 μm). Many failures due to fracture have been reported from the field because of environmental loading (snow, wind, etc.) as well as mishandling of the solar PV modules (during installation, maintenance, etc.). However, a significantly higher number of failures have also been reported during module encapsulation (lamination) indicating high residual stress in the modules and thus more prone to cell cracking. We report here, through the use of synchrotron X-ray Read More
DManD CodeKitchen #15: Solid Mechanics by Sasi Kumar, 22 Mar 17, 5-7pm - Our XML PhD candidate Sasi Kumar Tippabhotla will be conducting a workshop on Solid Mechanics using ANSYS FEA tool this Wednesday 22 Mar 17 from 5 to 7pm under the DManD CodeKitchen series. Please register online and attend his workshop to learn more!   Greeting from DManD Centre!   DManD CodeKitchen #15: Solid Mechanics | Wed March 22, 2017 | iDiA Lab 13, 2.605 | 5pm – 7pm   A short introduction to finite element analysis using ANSYS.   Taught by Sasi Kumar Tippabhotla, PhD candidate, SUTD.   Finite element analysis is a numerical technique, which can be used to solve problems in engineering design, mechanical, aerospace, thermal and electromagnetic domains. In this class a brief introduction to the FE analysis concepts will be given followed by a hands on session of simple FEA analysis using commercial FEA solver, ANSYS.   For Hands on session: Please bring a windows laptop with ANSYS student version installed (   If you are interested, please sign up @     Want to know more about DManD CodeKitchen? Would you like to be one of our teachers? Visit for more details.    Hope to see you there!   Best regards, The CodeKitchen Team     About DManD Read More
Congrats Ihor – MRS 2017 Spring Meeting Science as Art Finalist! - Congrats to Ihor Radchenko and Hashina Parveen being selected as finalists for the submission of the photograph of Cu-Nb ARB beam fabricated by FIB for the MRS 2017 Spring Meeting Science as Art competition. Ihor will represent on behalf of the team to vie for the first and second prize awards at the MRS Spring Meeting event next month! The original SEM picture of the Cu-Nb 63nm nanolayer ARB beam    This structure was created as part of our ongoing in situ beam bending experiments to understand the effect of interface of metallic nanolayers made by different processing methods through a notch during crack propagation. The texture is part of the morphology of the Cu-Nb nanolayers made by Accumulative Roll Bonding (ARB). The beam was made to a clamped beam structure similar to three point bending with a notch at a centre. A little external help was needed from NTU Temasek Labs (thanks to Dr. Liu Qing!) for the focused ion beam (FIB) of the final structure that we needed. Hashina did the initial SEM documentation for fabricated ARB beam samples with JEOL FESEM JSM-7600F. The angle of this particular SEM picture during one of our group meeting discussions gave Prof Arief Read More


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