Jul 31

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6th MRS-S Conference update

Karthic, Ihor and Hashina presented their posters at the 6th MRS-S Conference at NTU Business Centre. The main theme of this conference was Chemistry of Energy Conversion. There were lots of posters and many people attending this conference mainly from the 3 local universities. Some of the popular speakers were Jim McCusker from Michigan State University, Mark Green from NIST and Dunwei Wang from Boston College.

Here are the posters presented.

Karthic – Investigation of plasticity evolution in the nanoscale Cu Nb multilayer materials design using Synchrotron X-ray microdiffraction

Ihor – Understanding the structural design of Cu Nb nanolayer composites from its defect evolution through in-situ electromechanical measurements

Hashina – Probing the plastic behavior of Low Melting temperature nanostructured metals for Functional Materials Design using Synchrotron X-ray microdiffraction


Prof Budiman presented a paper on “Designing Novel Nanomaterials through Atomic Engineering of Interfaces” on the 2nd day after poster judging. His captivating talk drew numerous questions from the audience.




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