Nov 02

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Biomaterials design research talk by Prof. Song (NTU)

Asst. Prof. Song Juha from NTU will be visiting us here at SUTD on today, Wed, Nov 2, and will be giving a talk about her research work titled Design for multifunctional and tunable materials inspired by nature. Check us out at 3pm at Meeting Room 6 (1.502-33).


Title:                   Design for multifunctional and tunable materials inspired by nature

Time:                                Wed, Nov 2, 3-4pm

Venue:                Meeting Room 6 (1.502-33) Alan Turing



Many biological materials often exhibit multifunctionality and superior capabilities with intricate and hierarchical structures as compared to man-made materials. Therefore, ‘Learning from Nature” provides bioinspired clues to designs for various man-made systems that can be stiffer/stronger/tougher, adaptive or actuating, and/or more sustainable, biocompatible and environmentally benign across all length scales. This talk mainly discusses bioinspired and biomimetic design for protective and flexible material systems.


Biological structural materials have developed hierarchical and heterogeneous nanostructures and microstructures to provide protection against various environmental threats that, in turn, give insights to man-made, protective material designs. In particular, designs of dermal fish armor are a tradeoff between protection and mobility. A comprehensive knowledge base of the materials and mechanical design principles of fish armor has broad applicability to the development of synthetic engineered protective/flexible materials. In this part, one fish armor model system is introduced as a model system by means of structure-property-function relationships, ultimately answering how the armor system has been designed in response to their environmental threats.


We would like to extend this invitation to participate in this seminar.


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