Jan 14

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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS – ICMAT 2015 in Singapore (Symposium C: Solar PV)

The ICMAT 2015 Symposium C: Solar PV that takes place in Singapore from 28 June to 3 July 2015  are calling for abstracts. The due date is Jan 23, 2015. There is still time so submit today at http://www.mrs.org.sg/icmat2015/public.asp?page=abstract.asp

Who wants to spend a summer week in tropical, multicultural Singapore?
And at the same time be able to network productively with the leading solar PV technology and materials researchers from all over the world.
Symposium C – Solar PV Materials, Manufacturing and Reliability at the ICMAT 2015 focuses on novel systems-level, materials science-based innovations and groundbreaking manufacturing technologies that have real impacts in the solar PV industry both globally as well as locally in Singapore/Asia Pacific!
Leading materials experts from the biggest names in solar PV world have confirmed their attendance from Stanford, MIT, Sandia National Lab and SunPower Corporation in the U.S., to Fraunhofer CSP, ISFH, TU Dresden and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and SERIS, NUS, NTU and Australian National University (ANU) in Asia Pacific.
Get a chance to hear the most exciting and illuminating seminars in our symposium!
Among our most distinguished keynote speakers will be
Prof. Oliver Kraft (President of MRS/Materials Research Society),
Prof. Yi Cui (Stanford),
Prof. Dauskardt (Stanford),
Prof. Armin Aberle (SERIS Singapore),
Prof. Joerg Bagdahn (Fraunhofer CSP)
Dr. Yu-Chen Shen (Principal Scientist, SunPower Corp.),
Dr. Alexander Caldwell (Senior MTS Reliability, SunPower Corp.) and
Dr. Paul Parker (Reliability Director, SolarBridge Technologies).
Please submit your abstracts now at link below. The due date is Jan 23, 2015. So there is still time!
If you need further details about the symposium, please check us out at
Or just reply this email to me or contact one of the Co-Chairs listed in the CC list of this email. And please feel free to forward the email to anybody who you think might be interested in the symposium.
Prof. Arief S. Budiman (SUTD)                                 Chair
Prof. Andrew Tay (NUS)                                           Chair
Prof. Reinhold Dauskardt (Stanford)                       Co-Chair
Dr. Alexander Caldwell (SunPower Corp)              Co-Chair
Prof. Armin Aberle (SERIS Singapore)                     Co-Chair
We’re looking forward to meeting and exchanging cutting-edge solar PV research and exciting knowledge with you in ICMAT 2015 in Singapore!

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