Mar 22

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Congrats Ihor – MRS 2017 Spring Meeting Science as Art Finalist!

Congrats to Ihor Radchenko and Hashina Parveen being selected as finalists for the submission of the photograph of Cu-Nb ARB beam fabricated by FIB for the MRS 2017 Spring Meeting Science as Art competition. Ihor will represent on behalf of the team to vie for the first and second prize awards at the MRS Spring Meeting event next month!

The original SEM picture of the Cu-Nb 63nm nanolayer ARB beam 


This structure was created as part of our ongoing in situ beam bending experiments to understand the effect of interface of metallic nanolayers made by different processing methods through a notch during crack propagation. The texture is part of the morphology of the Cu-Nb nanolayers made by Accumulative Roll Bonding (ARB). The beam was made to a clamped beam structure similar to three point bending with a notch at a centre. A little external help was needed from NTU Temasek Labs (thanks to Dr. Liu Qing!) for the focused ion beam (FIB) of the final structure that we needed. Hashina did the initial SEM documentation for fabricated ARB beam samples with JEOL FESEM JSM-7600F.

The angle of this particular SEM picture during one of our group meeting discussions gave Prof Arief Budiman the inspiration of it being similar to the Grand Canyon. Meanwhile, Ihor was already planning to give an oral talk on this research at MRS Spring 2017. Thus, the decision to give it this picture a shot at Science as Art Competition. Ihor did the editing for the final submitted photograph to re-create the “Grand Canyon” with the help of Gimp.

“The deeper we dig, the more subtle but powerful things we can show”


Visit the MRS Spring 2017 conference to check out the final photograph for the competition, we wish Ihor all the best!

If you are attending the conference too, please help to vote for this picture during the judging round !!!


Information about the MRS Spring 2017 Science as Art Competition: http://www.mrs.org/spring-2017-science-as-art-competition



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