Jun 08

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ICMAT 2017 Invitation

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS – ICMAT 2017 in Singapore (Symposium I: Extreme Mechanics)

18 – 23 June 2017 | Suntec Singapore

Dear Colleagues,

We welcome you to attend ICMAT 2017 by participating in our symposium. ICMAT2017 will provide an exciting opportunity for productive interactions and networking with leading mechanics and materials researchers around the globe.

Symposium I – Extreme Mechanics: Mechanical Behaviors of Nanoscale and Emerging Materials at the ICMAT 2017 focuses on novel cutting-edge, materials-based mechanics research and designing advanced innovative materials with and for extreme applications and/or complexities that potentially have real world impacts in the next generation manufacturing and design (3D/4D printing, biomimetic, 3D multihierarchy microarchitecture, etc.) both globally as well as locally in Singapore/Asia Pacific!

Symposium I Committee

Arief S. Budiman (SUTD)                                          Chair

Shailendra Joshi (NUS)                                             Co-Chair

Mark Jhon (IHPC)                                                     Co-Chair

Julia Greer (Caltech)                                                Co-Chair

Javier Llorca (IMDEA)                                               Co-Chair

Leading extreme mechanicians and materials experts from the biggest names in the world – from Stanford and Caltech in the U.S., to IMDEA, Technion and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in EU and KAIST, Chinese Academy of Sciences, The University of Tokyo, The University of Hong Kong and Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) in Asia Pacific (as well as our own local experts from NTU, SUTD and A*STAR IHPC in Singapore) have already confirmed their attendance here and will present most exciting and illuminating seminars in our symposium. Part of the confirmed speaker list can be found at http://icmat2017.mrs.org.sg/symp-list/symp-i/ .


Please submit your abstracts now at http://icmat2017.mrs.org.sg/submit/.

The due date has been extended to 10 February 2017 – so there is still time!

For further details, please check us out at http://icmat2017.mrs.org.sg/symp-list/symp-i/


We’re looking forward to meeting and exchanging cutting-edge extreme mechanics and materials research and exciting knowledge with you in ICMAT 2017 in Singapore!

Thanks and best regards,


Arief Budiman, Ph.D.

Chair of Symposium I (EXTREME MECHANICS – Mechanical Behaviors of Nanoscale and Emerging Materials), ICMAT 2017

Assistant Professor




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