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MIT Prof Carl V. Thompson is visiting SUTD

It is a honour to have MIT Professor Carl V. Thompson visiting SUTD on Wednesday 18 June 2014 to meet up with our group and tour our facilities between 2 – 5pm.
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Professor Thompson and his students carry out research on thin films and nanostructures for use in micro- and nano-systems, especially electronic, electromechanical and electrochemical systems. One area of special interest is structure evolution during film formation and during the post-patterning processing. For these studies, in-situ stress and structure characterization are combined to study kinetic processes that affect the properties of films and surfaces, both during and after deposition. Another major theme in Professor Thompson’s research is the development of techniques for organizing large systems of nano-scale materials, including carbon nanotubes, semiconductor and metallic nano-wires, and metallic nano-crystals. In the latter case, templated solid-state dewetting has been a particular focus, because of the fundamental insight into curvature-driven evolution of solids that these studies provide, as well as the ability to make complex micro- and nanostructures using this approach. Applications of interest include sensing, energy storage/management, and water treatment.


His Biography

Stavros Salapatas Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Director, MIT Materials Processing Center
SB, Materials Science and Engineering, MIT, 1976
SM, Applied Physics, Harvard University, 1977
PhD, Applied Physics, Harvard University, 1982


His Research group: Materials for Micro and Nano Systems



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