Mar 31

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New Paper published in MSEA

Prof Budiman and Karthic have published a paper in Materials Science and Engineering: A (MSEA) 2015.

Thanks to Karthic for his hard work and efforts in getting this paper out in the midst of many in situ pillar compression publications.

Plasticity evolution in nanoscale Cu/Nb single-crystal multilayers as revealed by synchrotron X-ray Microdiffraction

A.S Budiman, Karthic R. Narayanan, N. Li, J. Wang, N. Tamura, M. Kunz, A. Misra

Materials Science and Engineering: A, Vol 635, 21 May 2015, Pages 6-12


In this study, the evolution of dislocation densities during compressive deformation of nanoscale Cu/Nb single crystal multilayers with individual layer thickness of 20 nm is investigated using Synchrotron X-ray micro-diffraction. The samples were subjected to successive compression straining up to a final cumulative strain of 35%. The nanolayer composite exhibited a maximum flow strength of ~1.6 GPa at approximately 24% compressive strain. Synchrotron X-ray micro-diffraction experiments, using a monochromatic beam of 10 keV energy were performed after each compression strain increment. We observed a significant increase in X-ray ring width peak broadening in both Cu and Nb layers up to strains of ~3.5% followed by saturation broadening at higher strains. This observation indicates that the interfaces of the Cu/Nb nanolayers are very effective in trapping and annihilating dislocation content during mechanical deformation.


ScienceDirect Link: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0921509315003093#



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