Nov 19

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Review on Prof Juila Greer’s talk

It was a full-house lecture at Prof Julia Greer’s talk at SUTD LT3. Students, post-docs and even professors gathered around to listen to Prof Greer’s interesting talk by controlling the material dimensions, microstructure and architecture to design nano-meta-materials. She mentioned Prof Budiman’s name 3 times in the talk which showed the close relationship between both professors during their PhD days. She showed so much joy while she explained how she evolved from doing nanopillars into creating novel 3D microstructures just to understand the novel mechanical properties in materials as we go from micro to nanoscale.

My favourite picture she showed was of the Nickel nanolattice sitting on top of a real-life Dandelion to prove how lightweight a nanolattice can be. She declared that no photoshop was done for that picture (hehe)!

The key to her recent research group success was the creation of a technique to create these micro, nanolattices.

It starts with a two-photon lithography (polymer) of the structure, treatment to cross-link polymers and then perform an Atomic Layer Deposition to coat with the material of interest (whether metal or ceramic). Then they do a side exposure and O2 plasma etching to create the final structure.
Ihor, Sasi and I went to meet up with her after the talk. She was glad to meet up with us and asked how it was like without having Prof Budiman around. She chatted with Arief before coming and agreed that they will be meeting up at the MRS conference.
Check out her group website at http://www.jrgreer.caltech.edu/home.php

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