Dec 25

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Seasons Greetings from Dr Budiman


Dear friends and colleagues,


Wishing you the jolliest holiday seasons and a very merry Christmas for those celebrating it!


It has indeed been my proudest moments working together with such talented group of people this year:


Awesome progress with our NRF as well as IDC programs.
Securing a TL Seed Funding on Biomimetic through 3D printing.
Welcoming Wenjian and Yinning onboard the Xtreme-ists!
Successful Chairing/Co-chairing international symposia in Singapore and U.S.
Invitations to some of the most elite and prestigious workshop/presentations in the energy and materials research worlds.

Many other accomplishments:

– solar PV lab,

-co-publication with MIT,

-having MIT summer intern,

-our IDC poster selected as one of the IDC poster representatives exhibited in the IDC exhibition area,

-the solarboat – demonstration of not only our novel and innovative solar PV system design and prototyping prowess, but also our expertise in the materials/mechanics that is indeed the underpinning of that very design/prototyping prowess!


Here’s looking forward to even more awesome 2016 and most fruitful and productive one at that!

Seasons greetings and happy holidays!



From Left: Dr. Andrew Tay, Vincent Adhi Handara, Hashina Parveen D/O Anwar Ali, Zhou Yinning, Ihor Radchenko, Dr. Arief Budiman, Song Wenjian M Ridhuan, Ranjana Shivakumar and Sasi Kumar Tippabhotla


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