Feb 28

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TMS 2016 conference

3 papers and 1 poster were presented at TMS 2016 Conference, held at Music City Center @ Nashville, Tennessee. Well done to Ihor and Hashina for their 1st conference presentations at an International conference. We would like to thank Prof Budiman and the SUTD Graduate Office for providing this chance to do so!



Session: Phase Stability, Phase Transformations, and Reactive Phase Formation in Electronic Materials XV: Optoelectronics & Pb-free Solders

Day/Time/Venue: Tuesday, 16 Feb 2016, 4:00pm – 4:30pm, Music City Center – 109

Title: Probing Phase Transformations at the Nanoscale – Synchrotron X-ray Microdiffraction for Advanced Applications in Microelectronics, Phase-Change Memory and Solar PV Devices

Authors: Arief Budiman, Ihor Radchenko, Nobumichi Tamura


Session: In Operando Nano- and Micro-mechanical Characterization of Materials with Special Emphasis on in Situ Techniques: In-Situ Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Materials II

Day/Time/Venue: Tuesday, 16 Feb 2016, 4:20pm – 4:40pm, Music City Center – 212

Title: Electromechanical Properties of Individual BiFeO3 Nanowires

Authors: Ihor Radchenko, Arief Budiman and Wu Ping


Session: Material Design Approaches and Experiences IV: TiAl, Ti Alloys and Functional Materials

Day/Time/Venue: Wednesday, 17 Feb 2016, 10:50am – 11:10am, Music City Center – 208A

Title: Interface Materials Design of Nanoscale Multi-layered Composite Materials and Its Mechanical Properties

Authors: Hashina Parveen Anwar Ali, Ihor Radchenko, Nan Li, Nathan Mara, Irene Beyerlein and Arief Budiman



Mechanical Behavior at the Nanoscale III: Poster Session

(Monday, 15 Feb 2016, 6:30pm – 8:30pm, Music City Center, Hall C)

W-29 Understanding the Relationship between Interface and Mechanical Properties of Cu/Nb Nanoscale Multilayers through Advanced Characterization Techniques

Hashina Parveen Anwar Ali, Ihor Radchenko, Nan Li, Nathan Mara, Irene Beyerlein, Arief Budiman


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