Jun 18

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Prof Thompson’s Visit to SUTD

It was a joy to have Prof Carl V. Thompson from MIT to visit us at SUTD on 18 June 2014. We gathered as a group and began at Meeting Room 3-3 where Karthic introduced our group members, the research we’re working on and the tools and facilities that we have. Prof Thompson was fascinated with the research and asked questions on some of the stuff we do. He also shared his research areas and interests at MIT and the interesting stuff he has published. After a while, we guided Prof Thompson around the school facilities including our 3D metal printer. We ended off with a small thank-you gift for visiting us. Prof Budiman will be in MIT under Prof Thompson’s care from Aug 2014 for 1 year, in hope of a new collaboration project and enhanced research capabilities.

At the 3D metal printing room 


IMG_1931[1]Serious Discussion between Prof Thompson and Prof Budiman

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