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Lab Resources

These are some websites I gather to find your research lab resources on your own in Singapore.
If unsure, check with our school lab staff (John or Seng Guan) for suggestions on where to buy the required stuff.
Industrial companies listings (The Green Book)
-> for hardware stuff to source out from other companies
Sigma Aldrich Singapore
-> Purchase of acids/bases/chemicals
-> SUTD has the license for most chemicals
-> Please check with SUTD Safety/EHS committee before buying
RS-Online SG
-> known for electrical components, but they sell lots of other things
-> nice thing is they deliver almost the next day once you order 😊
Latech Singapore
-> Si Wafers / materials / glass / tubings for research
InLab supplies
-> Lab equipment / gloves / accessories
Ellipsiz Pte Ltd
-> Local Distributor of Tedpella inc
-> Useful for SEM/AFM/nanoindenter accessories
-> Recommended to look at the Tedpella site first then contact this company for quotation



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